Houston Billionaire’s Showcase Hotel Wins World’s Best Award in Vaunted Magazine’s Annual Rankings — Post Oak is Still Winning for Tilman Fertitta

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The Post Oak Hotel’s H Bar is popular with locals as well as with hotel guests. (Photo Courtesy of Fertitta Entertainment)

Forbes Travel Guide gives Tilman Fertitta’s Post Oak Hotel Five Stars only months after Travel & Leisure magazine readers ranked it as the sixth best in the nation. (Photo Courtesy of Fertitta Entertainment)

This bit of good news for Tilman Fertitta could not have come at a better time. With his Houston Rockets going into the NBA Disney bubble due to the COVID-19 fallout, his casinos and restaurants enduring months of shuttering and his return of any PPP money to the federal government, this Houston billionaire could use some positive vibes.

His Post Oak Hotel is delivering just that thanks to its crowning by Travel & Leisure magazine as the sixth best hotel in the continental United States — and among the Top 15 in the entire nation — in the publication’s 2020 World’s Best Awards. It is the only hotel in Houston to earn such a lofty ranking and one of only two in Texas. San Antonio’s charming Hotel Emma was ranked No. 15.

The rankings are the result of T&L’s annual reader survey in which hotels and hotel brands are rated on a number of characteristics including facilities, location, service, food and overall value.

“It is an incredible honor to be recognized as a world’s best,” Fertitta said in a statement. “Being included on a list surveyed by so many seasoned travelers around the world reinforces that we are among the best out there. This hotel’s level of luxury, high standards for excellence and first-class service is unrivaled. It is truly a world-class destination.”

Indeed, the Post Oak has received rave reviews and honors since opening in 2018. The hotel remains the only AAA Five-Diamond hotel in Houston while its posh Bloom and Bee restaurant received a AAA Four-Diamond award. Within three months of opening, The Spa at The Post Oak Hotel at Uptown Houston received the prestigious Forbes Five Star rating. And the New York Times, U.S. News & World Report, Condé Nast Traveler, Forbes and CNN all listed The Post Oak Hotel as a place to visit in 2019.

Adding to the hotel’s creds is the fact that Presidential and Post Oak suites have welcomed diplomats including a Saudi Arabian prince, rock stars, sports stars and other billionaires into their luxurious lairs.

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The 10-acre property boasts a collection of amenities not ordinarily found in luxury hotels, including the two-story Rolls-Royce showroom and the Bentley and Bugatti Post Oak Motors dealership a stone’s throw from the main hotel entrance and a multi-million dollar art collection. There are six restaurants and bars spread across the oak-shaded property.

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Owners of a popular Hudson Valley Ice cream shop are asking for help. They say this man broke in and stole money.

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The Town of Newburgh Detective Division is trying to identify the man in the photos, above and below. The unknown man is accused of stealing money from Cherry Top Dairy Bar in Newburgh last Sunday morning around 5 a.m.

Help Needed: Popular Newburgh Ice Cream Shop Burglarized Owners of a popular Hudson Valley Ice cream shop are asking for help. They say this man broke in and stole money.

The man slide through a window around 5 a.m. and was gone by 5:06 a.m., according to officials from Cherry Top Dairy Bar. Officials say he ran off with a couple of hundred dollars, mostly in coins, rolls of dollar coins and half-dollar coins.

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“There have been reports that Mary Janes’s Dairy Bar was burglarized the same morning, but I spoke with them today, that is misinformation, did not happen. To the snake I would suggest you get a lawyer and turn yourself in,” officials from Cherry Top Dairy Bar wrote on Facebook.

Police say the suspect appears to be a white or Hispanic man in his twenties. Police describe him as being tall with a slender build and dark brown eyes.

He was seen wearing a compression-type sleeve on his left arm, which police believe was worn to conceal a tattoo or identifying feature.

Anyone with information is asked top call the Town of Newburgh Police Department at 845-564-1100 or you can email msisia@townofnewburghpd.org.

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Pitbull, Houston’s Most Famous Billionaire and a Record $2.2 Million Make This the Wildest Hotel Party Ever: Flying Confetti, Laser Light Tricks and Rap Star Confessions

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Pitbull and his chorus on stage at the Houston Children’s Charity gala at The Post Oak Hotel.

Only billionaire Tilman Fertitta could pull off a night like Friday that set his spanking new Post Oak Hotel afire. With the blazing Pitbull on stage, Laura Ward at the controls and supporters of Houston Children’s Charity emptying their pockets, it was an unprecedented $2.2 million success that had more layers of excitement than Fertitta’s storied Mardi Gras balls.

In fact, with a grand finale of flying confetti, laser light tricks throughout the night, bursts of CO2 steam from the stage and Pitbull’s sensational performance, one’s inner rocker couldn’t help but shout laissez les bon temp rouler!

(Fertitta and Pitbull are texting buddies and the rapper performed at the San Luis Salute to Mardi Gras in 2016. That relationship helped secure him for this night.)

Imagine all of that excitement coming after the cocktail hour spent perusing the trés fabulous $350 million hotel with its lobby boasting a million dollar chandelier sparkling with Swarovski crystals and millions in artwork from the likes of Frank Stella, Donald Sultan and Robert Motherwell. Add the duo of Rolls Royces on display (on loan from Fertitta’s neighboring dealership) and you have a hotel like no other in the city.

Just as it was a night like no other. Applause, applause for chairs Leticia and Steve Trauber (a masterful emcee along side Dave Ward). Congratulations to honorees Penny and Paul Loyd Jr. And hubbah, hubbah to HCC president and CEO Laura Ward, who orchestrated the remarkable success.

Once again, BMW of West Houston and Momentum BMW Southwest donated a car outright, this year a 2018 BMW M5, to be selected on a trip to Munich. The big winner — noted attorney Tony Buzbee, who ponied up $210,000 for the privilege.

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In what was a surprise to many among the crowd of 750 was the heartfelt words that Pitbull mixed throughout his performance. Coming from a poor childhood, he told the standing crowd, “So I take it real serious when I’m on a stage talking about kids.” He has helped finance 10 charter schools under his Sports Leadership And Management Academy banner including in Miami where he grew up in the impoverished Little Havana neighborhood.

His words stirred the crowd. “Music is the universal language. We like songs that get rid of all the negativity. . . . Always be happy. Always have a cause. It’s a short ride folks. I want you here to have the time of your lives. We have to celebrate this great day. Let’s have the time of our lives.”

And, indeed, they did.

Rockers: Basketball greats Dikembe Mutombo and Clyde Drexler, plus Rachel and Jeff Bagwell, Sue and Lester Smith, Pam Morse and Dan Pastorini, Gary Becker, Sheridan and John Eddie Williams, Wayne Smith, Carol and Mike Linn, Edna Meyer-Nelson, Dancie and Jim Ware, Laura Murillo, Rick Noriega, Melissa Juneau, Kristina and Paul Somerville, Dr. David Poplack, and Dee Dee and Wallis Marsh.