Safe-distancing ambassadors ‘not typically deployed’ to converted KTVs, checks done by enforcement officers, auxiliary police: MSE, MHA

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Jade Rasif claims safe distancing ambassadors follow her around and take photos, says they came into her house without warrant

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Singapore — Former DJ and social media influencer turned healthcare worker Jade Rasif took to social media on Tuesday (Aug 3) to rant about how she felt some social distancing ambassadors used “their positions as an excuse to stalk women and now raid their homes”.

In a series of Instagram stories, Ms Rasif shared an article where actor Nick Mikhail said officers had inspected his home while his wife was home alone.

In her Instagram Story, Ms Rasif wrote that some of the male safe distancing ambassadors took photos of her. She added that it was not because she had broken any rules, as she noted that she had “never even received a friendly warning before”.

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“now they come into my house and poke around with no warrant”, she wrote. Ms Rasif continued: “You know I totally understand taking photos and following me if I subsequently get a warning but the fact that I NEVER get warnings OR get treated like this by female officers makes me feel like some just use their positions as an excuse to stalk women and now raid their homes”.

Ms Rasif shared a link to the video posted by Mr Mikhail and pointed out that his family photos were being looked through, and his house was searched. “All because his lights were on and there were 2 cars”, she wrote.

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The next two Instagram stories she shared were of how she set up kaleidoscope lights in her house for a small child and joked about how she may be raided by ambassadors “expecting to find an illegal ktv and all they find is baby shark and his (the baby’s) grandparents visiting to shop in his miniature supermarket”.

As an aside, she added that she joked that she wanted to get caught because “I don’t want the officers to think I’m lame”.

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On Monday (Aug 2), the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) clarified that safe-distancing enforcement officers may enter and inspect “various premises, including residences” even if no warrant has been issued.

This would allow the officers to make sure that regulations pertaining to the Covid-19 pandemic are being followed. The clarification was issued in the wake of videos posted by actor Nick Mikhail on his Instagram account, wherein he said officers had inspected his home while his wife was home alone.

“Safe-distancing enforcement officers are empowered to enter, inspect and search various premises, including residences, without a warrant, to check whether the COVID-19 regulations are being complied with”, the URA said. /TISG

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Istana to welcome visitors for the first time since Covid-19; reopening on Aug 1 to mark National Day

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SINGAPORE - The Istana is reopening its grounds to the public on Aug 1, Sunday, to mark National Day.

However, only those who have tickets for the last scheduled opening on May 13 will be admitted. That open house was to celebrate Labour Day and Hari Raya Puasa, but had to be cancelled when pandemic measures were tightened.

With the gradual easing of the measures this month, ticket holders of the cancelled visit will be invited back for the upcoming National Day open house, the President’s Office said in a statement on Tuesday (July 13).

It will be the first time members of the public are allowed to enter the Istana grounds since their closure to the public in February 2020 due to Covid-19.

To avoid gathering of large groups, there will be no performances, tours, booths or food trucks within the Istana grounds during the Aug 1 open house, unlike previous ones. Safe distancing ambassadors will also be deployed to ensure visitors observe safe distancing measures.

“The Istana seeks visitors’ cooperation and understanding so that the upcoming Istana open house will be a pleasant experience for all,” the statement said.