Ponant apppoints brand ambassador for Australasia

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Daddo, whose career includes appearances on Australian television’s The Great Outdoors, has teamed up with Ponant to make ‘Beyond the Polar Circle,’ a documentary based on his voyage to Antarctica aboard Le Boréal which will be screened on Ponant’s website from September 30.

Bratton said Daddo’s approach to travel and his engaging and laconic style of commentary aligns perfectly for Ponant in Australasia.

Passion for exploration

‘Andrew’s passion for exploration and discovering the unknown is something that truly resonates with Ponant’s spirit of adventure,’ she said.

Daddo admires Ponant’s way of ‘making everyone feel incredibly special.

‘That, coupled with world-best destination adventure in genuine luxury, and you’ll understand my excitement,’ he said.

Jan Hecker, German ambassador to China, dies just a few weeks into his posting

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(CNN) The German Ambassador to China, Jan Hecker, has died suddenly at 54, after only a few weeks in his position, according to a statement posted on the German Embassy to China’s website on Monday.

Hecker had worked as a foreign policy adviser to German Chancellor Angela Merkel before taking up his ambassadorial posting in Beijing on August 24.

“We are deeply saddened and shocked to learn of the sudden death of the German Ambassador to China,” the spokesperson of the German Foreign Ministry said on Monday. “Our hearts are with his family and his friends and colleagues at this time.”

The circumstances around the diplomat’s death have not been disclosed.

Hecker took up his post as the 14th German Ambassador to China in late August. Prior to his appointment, he served as Director of the Department of Foreign Policy, Security and Development Policy and had been Merkel’s foreign policy adviser since 2017, the embassy in Beijing said on its official Weibo account.

German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel and her then foreign policy advisor Jan Hecker on January 15, 2020 in Berlin, Germany.

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Dubai Competitiveness Office launches ‘Competitiveness Ambassador’ programme in partnership with IMD

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The Dubai Competitiveness Office (DCO) in Dubai Economy, has announced the launch of a ‘Competitiveness Ambassador’ professional programme in partnership with the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) – Switzerland as part of building the technical capacities of Emiratis in competitivenessThe professional diploma, which is the first accredited programme in the UAE focusing on competitiveness, is aligned with the agenda of Dubai to empower its citizens in future foresight, global competitiveness, and artificial intelligence as the city moves towards its goal of being the most competitive in the world.The programme seeks to create an ideal learning environment supported by the latest educational platforms and tools to enable Dubai Government employees, specifically those in managerial and technical levels in research and studies, strategy and other relevant competitiveness fields, to be competitiveness ambassadors in their respective organisations.“Competitiveness is the vital element that integrates the vision and ambitions of Dubai, and transforms them into future readiness and sustainability. Governments across the world are adopting new technologies and methods to provide a superior experience in doing business and quality living. Dubai is going deeper, to make competitiveness as a culture and way of life, which will be reflected across all walks of life in the city. The Competitiveness Ambassador programme will ensure that competitiveness will be an integral part of the culture and ethos guiding Emiratis and government entities in serving the country and its expanding community of citizens, residents and visitors,” said His Excellency Sami Al Qamzi, Director General of Dubai Economy.The professional diploma programme will create a cadre of Emiratis conscious about the technical components of achieving and sustaining competitiveness, including the fundamentals, methodologies, and best practices that will classify Dubai as the most competitive globally, said Hani Al Hamli, Manager of the Dubai Competitiveness Office.“The programme is designed to impart comprehensive knowledge on the concept of competitiveness and its role in defining the character of a city. A ‘Competitiveness Ambassador’ will know about international methodologies and tools in measuring competitiveness as well as the role of government institutions in formulating programmes and initiatives to raise competitiveness,” Al Hamli said.The government executives enrolled in the programme will also learn to develop studies, researches and reports as well as analyse data and predict the outcomes of improved competitiveness for Dubai. Ultimately, the programme aims to set a unified and integrated template under the supervision of DCO to be a permanent reference for competitiveness strategies and their application that all Dubai Government entities can implement together, or separately.Candidates from a number of government entities were selected to the first batch of the programme based on the priority accorded to competitiveness in the Dubai Strategic Plan 2030. The first batch commenced on the 6th of September 2021 and will last for two months.For more information on the ‘Competitiveness Ambassador’ programme and registrations, visit www.dco.gov.ae