Wife of murdered Greek ambassador jailed over his death in Brazil

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Investigators found blood stains on a sofa in the flat where the couple had been staying, and it’s believed he was killed there before his body was taken away.

Afghanistan: British ambassador home as last UK troops leave

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Vice Adm Key, chief of joint operations, said that while he “pays testament” to everything achieved by British forces over the last two weeks, “we know that there are some really sad stories of people who have desperately tried to leave that - no matter how hard our efforts - we have been unsuccessful in evacuating”.

Ambassador Amoiridis – 31-year sentence to his wife for planning his murder in 2016

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Κατά τα φαινόμενα ο πολυαναμενόμενος κυβερνητικός ανασχηματισμός θα εξελιχθεί, εκτός απροόπτου, με την επιστροφή του Πρωθυπουργού από την Αμερική….

29.08.2021 - 06:00