Culchies vs townies at the farming Olympics

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Half the cabinet had gathered at the National Ploughing Championships to witness events such as tractor football

“You can have water or you can have milk,” the girl behind the till said. “We’ve no sparkling water here.”

Navigating the cultural sensitivities of the National Ploughing Championships near Tullamore, Co Offaly was tough going on opening day yesterday even if the weather was behaving itself.


To have the inscience, nay, the temerity to ask for fizzy water apparently betrayed a bad case of the notions. Growing up on a farm in Waterford is cancelled out immediately by even the briefest lease in Dublin, making me not of “these parts”.

I wasn’t the only blow-in though. There’s a reason that half the cabinet fall out of Leinster House and into their wellies every year to attend the ploughing.

It’s a chance to enamour the