KBC 13 contestant Samiksha couldn’t answer this Rs 12.5 lakh question. Can you?

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Amitabh Bachchan began the Thursday episode (September 2) with Samiksha Shrivastava. The 35-year-old contestant from Kota had won Rs 10,000 in the previous episode. Samiksha works as an Assistant Vice President in an MNC that makes Power Conductors for Transmission lines.


Samiksha took a lifeline for 40,000 and gave the correct answer with the help of the Audience Poll. She used her third lifeline, Flip The Question for the eighth question and won Rs 80,000. Samiksha used her last lifeline for the ninth question. She gave the correct answer with help of Ask The Expert and won Rs 1.6 lakh. With no lifelines in hand, Samiksha won Rs 6.4 lakh. However, she decided to quit the game after looking at the 12th question for Rs 12.5 lakh, as she was not sure about the answer.

Here’s the question that stumped Samiksha Shrivastava:

Who, among these, is India’s first woman mining engineer?

The four options were: Chandrani Prasad Verma, Mohana Singh, Rajeshwari Chatterjee and A Lalitha

The correct answer was: Chandrani Prasad Verma

Here are some of the questions faced by Samiksha:

Which of these nations is entirely north of the equator?

The four options were Indonesia, Papua Guinea, Sri Lanka and Argentina

The correct answer was: Sri Lanka

Which of these former chief ministers of Maharashtra studied aerospace engineering?

The four options were: Sushilkumar Shinde, Prithviraj Chavan, Abdul Rehman Antylay and Yashwantrao Chavan.

The correct answer was: Prithviraj Chavan

Who was the founder-president of the FICCI Ladies Organisation and also served as the chairperson of the Times Group from 1999 to 2021?

The four options were: Savitri Jindal, Priyamvada Birla, Meera Sanyal and Indu Jain

The correct answer was: Indu Jain

Dr S Radhakrishnan was the Indian ambassador to which country before becoming the vice president in 1952?

The four options were: USSR, USA, China and Japan

The correct answer was: USSR

Who, among these, is India’s first woman mining engineer?

Chandrani Prasad Verma, Mohana Singh, Rajeshwari Chatterjee and A Lalitha

The correct answer was: Chandrani Prasad Verma


Samiksha was followed by Aaysha on the hot seat. The 34-year-old is a primary school teacher from Bharatpur, Rajasthan. She used her first lifeline for the seventh question, which was related to Ranbir Kapoor and won Rs 20,000. Later, Aaysha revealed it took 17 years for her to get married to the love of her life, Dhiraj. She shared that they were of different religions, which caused the delay, as their families weren’t okay with their union.

Aaysha used her second lifeline, The Audience Poll, in the next question, and won Rs 40,000. She was not sure about the answer for the next one. Hence, opted for Flip The Question and won Rs 80,000. She used her last lifeline for the alternated question and gave the correct answer. Aaysha went on to win Rs 6.4 lakh and decided to quit the game after having a look at the question for Rs 12.5 lakh.

This is the 12.5 lakh question faced by Aaysha:

Who became the first cabinet minister of Industry and Supply of independent India?

The four options were: RR Diwakar, Syama Prasad Mookerjee, C Rajagopalchari, Harekrushna Mahtab

The correct answer was: Syama Prasad Mookerjee

Here are the questions answered by Aaysha:

In July, 2021, who became only the second Indian-born woman to fly to space?

The four options were: Shawna Pandya, Avani Chaturvedi, Sirisha Bandla and Mawya Sudan

The correct answer was: Sirisha Bandla

Which of these sobriquets does not refer to a city located in Rajasthan?

Blue City, Orange City, Golden City and Pink City

The correct answer was: Orange City

Who appoints the Chief Election Commissioner of India?

The four options were: President of India, Chief Justice of India, Lok Sabha Speaker, Prime Minister of India

The correct answer was: President of India

Where is the longest bone in the human body?

The four options were: Thigh, Lower Leg, Back and Hand

The correct answer was: Thigh

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Women entrepreneurs’ meet 2021 in Pune

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Craft Your Wishes will organise “Swawlambini Women Entrepreneurs’ Meet 2021” at the Sheraton Grand, Bund Garden. The inaugural session of the event is scheduled at 2pm on Saturday (September 4).

Shweta Shalini, chief evangelist Billennium Divas and advisor to former chief minister Devendra Fadnavis, will be the chief guest for the event; while Aneeta Sanas, founder of Healing Touch and past chair at FICCI Ladies Organisation will preside over as the guest of honour.

Dr Priya Parekh, founder of Beautyesthetics; Neha Verma Madan, founder, Stage Bright events; Rommal Surana, founder, Nanha Gyan foundation; WICCI president Maharashtra Shraddha Kulkarni; WICCI president Uttar Pradesh Deepanshi Nandi; and Trishla Rana, vice-president, MH International human rights and crime control organisation will be special guests.

Founded by Preeti Yadav, Pranali Vardam and Prachi Pawar, Swawlambini is a platform for women entrepreneurs to showcase their brands before business leaders.

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FICCI Thinkathon on Showcase of Innovations: Reducing Post-Harvest losses in Fruits and Vegetables sector

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FICCI is organizing a virtual Thinkathon session on “Showcase of Innovations: Reducing Post-Harvest losses in Fruits and Vegetables sector” on 20 August 2021 in virtual mode to commemorate International year of Fruits and Vegetables.

UN General Assembly designated 2021 as International Year of Fruits and Vegetables (IYFV). The IYFV 2021 is a unique opportunity to raise awareness on the important role of fruits and vegetables in human nutrition, health as well in achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals. Thinkathon session will also have a special panel discussion with domain experts to discuss market-oriented solutions and practices to reduce losses in perishables and boost farmer income.

Expert Panellists:

Mr. T R Kesavan, Chairman, FICCI National Agriculture Committee & Group President, TAFE Ltd

Ms. Michiko Katagami, Principal Natural Resources and Agriculture Economist, Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department, Asian Development Bank

Mr. Pankaj Khandelwal, Chairman and Managing Director, INI Farms

Mr. Hemendra Mathur, Chairman, FICCI Task Force on Agri Startups

Showcase Series by Agri Start-Ups:

Dr. Soumalya Mukherjee, Co-founder, Tan90

Mr. Deepak Yadav, Founder, Greensat Innovation Labs Private Limited

Mr. Vikash Jha, Founder & CEO, Rukart

Mr. Deepak Rajmohan, CEO, Greenpod Labs

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Event Name: FICCI Thinkathon on Showcase of Innovations: Reducing Post-Harvest losses in Fruits and Vegetables sector

Website: https://ficci.in/

Date: 20-08-2021


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Mobile: 9717038603

Email: agriculture@ficci.com