‘I do not serve any individual, I serve my country’: Former spy Thulani Dlomo hands himself over to police over safety concerns

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Thulani Dlomo, an ex-high ranking member of the State Security Agency (SSA), handed himself over to the South African Police Service in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal on Friday, 16 July. Dlomo, who is believed to have close ties to former President Jacob Zuma, was identified by the media as one of the 12 individuals wanted by the government for allegedly instigating the violence in KZN and Gauteng. The former spy boss denies these claims and demanded an apology from publications and politicians alike.


Dlomo went to the Durban Central Police Station late on Friday and surrendered himself to the custody of the authorities, according to SABC News. He was accompanied by his lawyer Phumlani Shangase.

The former ambassador to Japan told the state broadcaster that he fears for the safety of himself and his family. He made the decision after the allegations that he is one of those who masterminded the unrest in KZN and Gauteng gathered momentum.

Acting Minister in the Presidency Khumbudzo Ntshavheni said that one of the dozen masterminds was arrested and the police are hunting the remaining 11.


Earlier on Friday, Dlomo issued a statement that denied his involvement in the unrest and challenged those who allege that he is one of the 12 alleged instigators to back up their claims.

“I am calling upon Mr [Zizi] Kodwa to withdraw his statement and stop peddling lies about me, failing which I will instruct my attorneys for a claim of significant damages against him personally,” said the statement.

Kodwa told TimesLIVE that he never said Dlomo was an instigator and merely said that there were claims that former SSA members were behind the unrest. “I never at any point gave names,” said Kodwa. “I am not sure why he thinks he can make such a statement, which I did not make.”

The former ambassador is also demanding an apology from News24 and Daily Maverick for allegedly publishing a “blatant lie” that put the safety of his family and himself at risk.

“I am continuously referred to as Zuma’s spy,” said Dlomo. “The facts are that I served my country for more than two decades in the security services and most recently as ambassador to Japan.”

“I do not serve any individual, I serve my country and I continue to engage with senior members of government to serve my country today,” said Dlomo.

Confessions of a dangerous mind, a ‘divinely inspired’…

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Illustrative image | Sources: Jacob Zuma’s spymaster and the former ambassador to Japan, Thulani Dlomo. (Photo: ambtdlomo.com) | Private security. (Photo: Shiraaz Mohammed) | Looters flee from police. (Photo: Felix Dlangamandla | Former president Jacob Zuma. (Photo: Leila Dougan)

“When God delivers a message to a prophet, it is not for the prophet, it is for the people. If you keep the message to yourself, when people perish from their sins without you warning them, without you communicating what God has shared with you, there will be blood on your hands.”

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Thus spake Thulani Dlomo in an almost hour-long December 2020 interview with Rudi Page, founder of ONELINK, “a source for global knowledge”, on the publication of Dlomo’s book, The Encounter [not available at most bookstores near you, nor online unless you get it straight from the oracle].

The death toll in a week of violence, mayhem and looting in South Africa since Zuma was cauterised behind bars in Escourt has now reached more than 70. The economic cost? Who knows. The political cost? Still to be tallied in votes sometime in the future at a voting booth near you.

Dlomo was invited to punt his book on Page’s show and spoke as if he were addressing multitudes from a mount.

At some point, he referred to “the many millions who will receive the message”, thanks to Page’s online superspreading. At the time of writing, 15 July 2021, Page’s YouTube post of the interview had clocked 55 hits.

The ambassador spoke animatedly about “the crisis we are facing which points to the end of days.

“It is my desire to get to grips with and understand and not undermine or underestimate the author, but to understand the message.”

Dlomo, the man named by the high-level panel review into the State Security Agency as a rogue agent serving the private and economic interests of former president Jacob Zuma and his elite cronies, claims to “hear the voice of God”.

“It is an amazing experience,” he confessed.

In January, the Zondo Commission heard explosive evidence from witness “Ms K” and others that from at least 2008, Dlomo had floated the idea of an exclusive presidential security support service dedicated solely to intelligence collection “to protect President Jacob Zuma when he came to power”.

Dlomo, who blipped off the radar for some time when no one was sure whether he still worked for the SSA, resurfaced after testimony to the commission, vowing to challenge it. So far, not a peep.

Shortly after taking his oath of office, Zuma signed a proclamation that bypassed Parliament and collapsed five of South Africa’s agencies into the State Security Agency (SSA).

The door was thus kicked open for the creation of an unlawful, parallel, secret security state, funded by public money — much of which remains unaccounted for — and which served Zuma’s personal and political interests for more than a decade.

The abuse occurred uninterrupted during the tenure of three ministers of state security — Siyabonga Cwele, David Mahlobo and Bongani Bongo, and was implemented by Maruti Nosi, Arthur Fraser and Thulani Dlomo.

Dlomo has now been fingered by State Security Minister Ayanda Dlodlo as among those under investigation as possible masterminds behind this week’s attempt to render KwaZulu-Natal and parts of the country ungovernable.

Introducing himself to “the viewers” in 2020, Dlomo double-spun and rinsed his biography, saying: “I grew up in the townships of Durban during difficult times. I had direct experience of brutal apartheid laws which forced me to join the struggle, and later in my life I was the head of counterintelligence in the new dispensation, then ambassador to Japan 2017 and I was recalled in 2019.

“I am now the author of The Encounter, launched in October this year. All possible because of the guidance I receive from God, that is the reason I am grateful.”

Dlomo claimed to now be an “ambassador for God”.

The former ambassador to Japan said he had written the book including quotes from scripture, the “rich history and heritage of the African people”, and “a number of concepts politically and economically”.

We never did quite get to hear what these were.

The reason he was alive today [and presumably also the reason he has managed to evade arrest or questioning, we assume], was because he had “a connection with the force which is your creator… That is the secret I can share”.

Page remarked that the book was “quite detailed, diary-like”, to which Dlomo responded that he wrote the book because “I refuse to bury my talent”.

“When I leave this earth to meet with my creator, I must be empty… there must be nothing in me. I must give everything.”

He avoided being “selfish” by emptying the contents of his head into the pages and did so also to acknowledge “my friends, my colleagues, my comrades, my family and all the agents god used”.

Speaking of agents, the Zondo Commission heard that many of Dlomo’s specially recruited off-the-books agents were still operative. Whether they will now be exposed, cut off from funding and brought to book is anyone’s guess.

Page tapered off the interview by asking Dlomo what the number one lesson he had learned about himself was to those “who would be inspired to lead in future”.

To which Dlomo replied that the book not only emanated from his own experience, interests and desires, “but has the element of the breath of god”.

It was the youth who would most benefit from his prophecies and wisdom, he said.

Of his own life, he wrote “you can move from being an excellency to a nobody but because of humility you will come out an author of a book that you never thought you would write”.

Dlomo urged those listening to “value the lowest point, take note, blame no one, for that is the best moment of your life”. DM

Thulani Dlomo: age, wife, qualifications, career, books, pics, SSA, profile

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Thulani Dlomo is a South African public figure. He is mainly recognized as a former SSA’s Deputy Director General and South Africa’s ambassador to Japan during Jacob Zuma’s presidential tenure. How well do you know the former top spy? This article has everything you need to know about Thulani Dlomo.

Thulani Dlomo is a former South African ambassador to Japan. Photo: @ambtdlomo

Source: Instagram

Thulani Dlomo is known to be a loyal Jacob Zuma supporter. During his term as South Africa’s spy, he was accused of forming a private militia to protect the then president. In July 2021, reports emerged that he is one of the masterminds for the violent pro-Zuma protests that rocked the country, leading to massive destruction and loss of lives.

Thulani Dlomo’s profile summary

Full name: Thulani Dlomo

Thulani Dlomo Date of birth: 1st July 1971

1st July 1971 Thulani Dlomo’s age: 50 years old in 2021

50 years old in 2021 Birthplace: Johannesburg, Gauteng

Johannesburg, Gauteng Nationality: South African

South African Gender: Male

Male Sexuality: Straight

Straight Marital status: Married

Married Thulani Dlomo’s wife: Not known

Not known Known for: Pro-Zuma supporter, former South African spy

Pro-Zuma supporter, former South African spy Education: University of South Africa (BA in Biblical Studies and International Politics and Honours in Political Science and Government)

University of South Africa (BA in Biblical Studies and International Politics and Honours in Political Science and Government) Profession: Public figure, author

Public figure, author Website: ambtdlomo.com

ambtdlomo.com Twitter: @AmbassadorDlomo

@AmbassadorDlomo Instagram: @ambtdlomo

@ambtdlomo Facebook: @ambtdlomo

@ambtdlomo LinkedIn: Ambassador Thulani Dlomo

Personal life

Thulani Dlomo wore traditional Zulu attire to the South African Embassy in Tokyo. Photo: @ditsemnuus

Source: Twitter

The former SSA Deputy Director-General was born in 1971 in KwaZulu-Natal. He celebrates his birthday on 1st July and is known to cherish his Zulu roots. During his time as the South African ambassador to Japan, he wore traditional Zulu attire to the SA embassy in Tokyo.

According to Thulani Dlomo’s biography on his website, he is a father and a husband. Despite being a public figure in South Africa, details regarding Thulani Dlomo’s wife and children are not available.

Thulani Dlomo’s qualifications

Thulani Dlomo attended the University of South Africa from 2014 to 2017 for undergraduate studies. He pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies and International Politics. He later returned to UNISA to do an Honours in Political Science and Government.

Thulani Dlomo’s career

Thulani started being active in South African politics from 13 years old. He was a member of the ANC that fought for freedom and was also forced into exile. He became a well-known public figure when he started working at State Security Agency in 2012 as the Chief Director. He was then promoted to become SSA’s Deputy Director-General in 2014.

Thulani Dlomo’s SSA career was marred by several scandals. He was accused of using the South African intelligence to engage in dirty politics, including removing Van Loggerenberg and Pillay from their positions at the South African Revenue Service (SARS). SSA was also accused of trying to discredit then finance minister Pravin Gordhan, setting up a non-existent union for workers, and financial looting during his tenure.

Thulani Dhlomo was appointed by former president Jacob Zuma as South Africa’s ambassador to Japan in 2017. His ambassadorial tenure ended in January 2019 when President Cyril Ramaphosa recalled him when he came into power. Since the recall, he stayed silent, which led to the moniker Thulani Silence Dlomo. The SSA then decided to fire him for failure to return to work.

Thulani Dlomo’s book

The former ambassador released his first book, The Encounter, in October 2020. Photo: @ambtdlomo

Source: Instagram

The former ambassador to Japan is also a published author. He released his first book called The Encounter in October 2020. Thulani Dlomo’s The Encounter aims to Rethink Africa through the author’s experiences and political and economic knowledge.

Thulani Dlomo and pro-Zuma protests

Since the jailing of former President Jacob Zuma on 8th July 2021, South Africa has experienced violent unrest and looting across the country. The protests began in his home town KwaZulu-Natal and have since spread across the country as Zuma’s supporters call for his release. The violence has led to massive destruction, injuries, and deaths.

A publication by News24 reveals that Thulani Dlomo is one of the masterminds of the KwaZulu-Natal protests. He is known to be a loyal Zuma supporter, and his SSA unit used to serve as the former president’s private militia. According to the tabloid, intelligence officials informed SA authorities that the former SSA director-general is a prime suspect.

Thulani Dlomo remains to be a vocal South African leader despite being involved in various scandals. He has been accused of wrongdoing several times since he started working for the SSA, but the cases were never investigated to the fullest. Will the recent claims of his alleged support for pro-Zuma protests be any different?

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