Oop There It Is: Nadia Bartel Has Been Dropped From A Major Brand After That Snorting Incident

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A major brand, JSHealth Vitamins, have now dropped Nadia Bartel as a promoter after the snorting white powder incident.

JSHealth issued a statement on Sunday announcing the influencer would no longer be working with the brand because they “do not tolerate illicit behaviour.”

“We, like many of you, are shocked and disappointed by the recent actions of an individual who has endorsed our products,” they said in a statement.

“JSHealth fundamentally supports all public health orders in place to keep us safe in this hugely difficult time for so many.

“We do not tolerate illicit behaviour.

“Please know we have taken immediate action and will no longer be working with this individual – or anyone who does not align with our values.”

Nadia Bartel has been a much-talked about name on social media and in the Australian press due to the accidental upload of a three-second video on Thursday night. In the video, the former wife of AFL star Jimmy Bartel is shown snorting white powder off a $1.50 Kmart plate.

The kick in the teeth here is that it’s a clear breach of the strict stay-at-home orders in Victoria, as she appears alongside three other friends (two without masks).

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Bartel has since apologised for the video, but it may be too little too late for the influencer who will have undoubtedly lost a number of future brand deals.

“Hi everyone, I have let you all down by my actions,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I take full responsibility and I am committed to taking all necessary steps to ensure I make better choices in future.

“To my family and friends, my business partners and the public health workers trying to keep us all safe, I am embarrassed and remorseful.

“I am truly and deeply sorry. I hope I can earn your forgiveness and, in time, your trust.”

Bartel has previously spoken out about the lockdown, promoting Shadow Pandemic Victoria on her Instagram. The organisation is “a group of mums speaking out for the shadow pandemic crippling our children” and has been criticised for its loose links to the Liberal party.

It’s quite interesting how someone who says she wants the pandemic to ‘end’ for the sake of her children, is actively engaging in behaviour that will only extend it.

‘Go home’: Premier blasts Bartel friends for visiting house

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Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says he expects authorities would treat those caught on video partying with Nadia Bartel the same as the people who attended an engagement party that breached public health orders. Loading The rebuke from Mr Andrews came as company JS Health Vitamins announced on Sunday that Ms Bartel had been removed as a brand ambassador, after a video of her allegedly breaking Victorian COVID-19 rules and snorting a white powder off a dinner plate circulated on social media on Friday. In a post to Instagram, the brand’s founder Jessica Sepel said she’d had to make a hard decision after being left disappointed by Ms Bartel’s actions, but said she wished the 36-year-old influencer “strength and peace”. “I have to stand for what’s right,” Ms Sepel said. “We are a health brand who is very serious about aligning with individuals who share the same values.”

Mr Andrews said he did not have any updates on the police investigation into the matter, but no visits meant no visits. “It would be my understanding that that matter would be treated no differently to the engagement party,” Mr Andrews said. “A number of people doing the wrong thing. It wasn’t a matter of breaching confidences and calling into question whether people tell us truth when they are contact tracing, and that is worth much more than any fine we might give out. “This video is no different to the engagement party, as it’s out there in the public domain and it would be my anticipation that every single person at that house will be getting a $5500 fine because I’m confident – these really are decisions for the Chief Commissioner, but I would be absolutely certain he would want the law applied equally, regardless of whether you used to be related to a footballer. “This is everybody’s business. And people should be treated equally. That would be my absolute expectation. Otherwise it wouldn’t be fair, would it? At those people at that engagement party, who have all been issued, as I understand it, except for the kids, they have all been issued with a $5500 fine.

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