Niharika Times becomes the most-read Hindi newspaper in the Jodhpur Division, Rajasthan

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Niharika Times, the fastest growing Hindi newspaper and the leading Hindi news website has manifested a place in the hearts of people with its authentic approach and credible information that the newspaper possesses. The newspaper is reaching larger audiences under the guidance of Sabal Singh Bhati, the Chief Editor of the renowned news website.

The parent brand Niharika Times Group is making a difference in the world of journalism by spreading the truth and making people aware of their surroundings. Being the first evening leading daily in the Jodhpur Division, Rajasthan, the newspaper is imprinting the minds of people with only truth and facts. With its strong reportage skills and public-interest-based stories, the newspaper is grabbing the attention of the masses and becoming the most-read newspaper in India that entails all the latest news and updates across all the domains.

Seeing a decline in the circulation of all major national newspapers due to Covid, Niharika Times was launched in the year 2020 to provide stories and news that matters to the common public. One of the major reasons to start the newspaper was also to fulfill the need for the Hindi Language daily ‘Sandhya Newspaper.’ The word ‘Niharika’ loosely translates into English as ‘Nebula’ meaning Galaxy.

Being an experienced journalist and State Secretary of the International Federation of Journalists Organization, Sabal in his career has worked with some of the renowned print and electronic media houses, including Rajasthan Patrika and Dainik Navjyoti. The respected journalist made his first move by working in Rajasthan Patrika situated in Pali. During his initial years, he covered a lot of beats during his whole journey of journalism. Niharika Group, understanding the need for the Digital era launched the online Hindi Portal in April 2020. The e-portal covers a wide range of segments from politics, lifestyle, sports, entertainment, job, and education.

Niharika Times is working meticulously to create a society where only truth matters. From exposing fake encounters to making people aware of the prominent facts, the newspaper is doing everything. There was one such fake encounter of Kamlesh Prajapati that the Niharika Times group exposed on April 22, 2021. The newspaper made itself a trustable source in the eyes of the people by continually serving in the favor of people and by unearthing cooked up stories that demanded to be called out. Niharika Times is one of India’s rapidly growing newspaper dailies and is receiving much attention from the masses to cover regional stories on crime, murder, politics, and policy. Witnessing major growth, Niharika Times has also launched E-papers along with publishing physical newspapers. Because of the reality-based stories and unique content the newspaper is embarking on a successful journalism journey.

Niharika Times is conquering the world of journalism with truth-based stories and effective storytelling methodologies. The Hindi newspaper and Hindi news website is taking the responsibility to always stand up to the readers’ expectations and deliver news that adds value to the lives of citizens.

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‘Accord signed on trust, nothing in return’

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According to part C of section 9 (a), “The Council shall supervise and co-ordinate the subjects vested under the Hill District Councils including co-ordination of all development activities conducted under the three Hill District Councils.” Besides, as per section 9 (c), " Regional Council may co-ordinate and supervise in the matters of general administration, law and order and development of the three Hill Districts." As per the accord, there is no scope to avoid the regional council in the development activities. But in reality we see the opposite.

The government is conducting publicity about the development in the hill areas. But the regional council is being kept in the dark. Actually, the regional council is supposed to supervise all the development activities in the hill areas. There is such provision in the accord. Chittagong Hill Tracts Development Board has been constituted and a law has been formulated. In fact this development board is unnecessary. The responsibility of development in the hill region has been entrusted with three district councils. However, all activities are conducted by the bureaucrats and regulated by the ministry. As a result, the hill people are being deprived of the outcome of the developments as the regional council has no involvement in the government’s development process. In many cases, they are being evicted from their own land in the name of development.

When a good deed can buy a meal

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Mistrust and doubts

In this era of social media and technology, trust has become a rarity. People easily doubt other’s motive even if someone is really doing an act of kindness.

I asked, did anyone ever call you a fraud or accused you of embezzling the funds? How do you cope with this? Arifur smiled again and said, it happens every now and then, but that’s how the world is, not a bed of roses.

He recalled, “Probably in 2012, few members and I went to a vocational institution to seek members and volunteers. We talked to the head of the institution. He made so many negative comments at us that we broke into tears.”

“What did he say?”

“He said this has become our profession. We embezzle the money. The daily contribution we take from the active members is actually alms. We live on this ‘profession’ and so many things.”

Arifur was hurt. He stopped inviting and recruiting new members for some time after that. But eventually he forgot the bitter experience and moved on.

What makes ‘Bhalo Kajer Hotel’ a transparent one, I asked.

Arifur said, the organisation operates very transparently as more than 600 active members present an account of income and expenditure every month.

Arifur said they always collect money in a transparent glass box and keep an account of the total collection. “We always update the people through our social media platform about the children undergoing treatment and money spent on the purpose.”