Health product distributor iHerb suspends shipping to Taiwan

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U.S.-based health product distributor iHerb is suspending shipping to Taiwan after customs problems. ( photo) U.S.-based health product distributor iHerb is suspending shipping to Taiwan after customs problems. ( photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Online health product distributor iHerb announced it was suspending sales in Taiwan, but the country’s Customs Administration responded that the company had failed to submit the required registration documents, reports said Tuesday (Nov. 23).

The California-based provider of vitamins, supplements, and other health products initially announced that its activities had suffered under a tough new approach by Taiwan’s customs, CNA reported.

The thorough checks had led to delays in its products reaching customers, so the company decided to stop shipping goods to Taiwan altogether, iHerb said. It added it was trying to find a solution and would resume its activities once it had become clear how much time its products would need to reach customers.

However, the Customs Administration said the delays were the result of the company trying to have its products pass customs through simplified procedures. Instead, the normal full procedure was required, which meant documents from the importer and receipts needed to be submitted.

As long as that had not happened, customs could not allow the iHerb products to enter the country, the report said. One of the factors complicating the import of iHerb products was the difference in regulations covering health and medical products in Taiwan and overseas, leading to a requirement for more import documents.

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5 Vegan Oat Milk Chocolate Bars We’re Craving

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Vegan chocolate is seriously taking off, with brands rolling out new plant-based options from left to right. But milk chocolate is a particularly tough nut to crack. The answer, for many companies, is oat milk. We’ve rounded up five of our favourite oat milk chocolate bars, which promise to satisfy all your cravings for something sweet.

Image: HiP

  1. HiP (Happiness In Plants)

HiP, short for Happiness In Plants, has become one of our favourite oat milk chocolate brands out there. Launched by James Cadbury (yes, the descendant of the infamous chocolate brand Cadbury), HiP’s collection uses an oat milk base and single-origin cocoa. There are a wide variety of flavours, from classic Smooth & Creamy, to jazzier blends like Salty Pretzel and Cookies & Cream. You can get your hands on HiP bars in the UK in stores and via its online website, as well as some stockists in international markets.

Read more about HiP here.

Image: Hershey’s

  1. Hershey’s Oat Made

Hershey’s recently released a new Oat Made Chocolate line, marking it’s first foray into the plant-based chocolate space. Made with Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa, non-GMO oat flour and rice flour, these vegan bars come in two flavours: Extra Creamy Almond & Sea Salt and Classic Dark. Right now, they are only available in select supermarkets in the US as part of the collection’s beta-launch before a potential wider roll-out in the future.

Image: Endangered Species

  1. Endangered Species Oat Milk Dark Chocolate

Endangered Species is a go-to brand for ethical chocolate consumers, but the brand’s range is not entirely vegan. But one of its most popular vegan-friendly collections is its Oat Milk Dark Chocolate line, which features six bars in total, half of them 55% cacao and the other half 75% cacao. Flavours range from fruitier tones like Mixed Berries to elegant Sea Salt or sweet Coconut & Almonds. Every bar is named after an animal vulnerable to extinction, from the Koala to Leopard. Endangered Species is retailed throughout the US and is available globally via iHerb.

Image: Happi

  1. Happi

Happi is a winner for anyone looking for oat milk chocolates with a huge variety. The entire range is 100% vegan, and you can choose from oat milk white chocolate bars, to plain milk chocolate and even oat milk chocolate buttons and chocolate-coated raisin “nibbles”. Coming in large and small sizes, as well as loads of flavours like Orange, Salted Caramel and Cacao Nibs Crunch, Happi has it all. Right now, Happi is available in the UK at select retailers and Selfridges, as well as online via Ocado.

Image: Lindt

  1. Lindt Classic Recipe Vegan Bars

Okay, at the time of writing, these bars aren’t actually available yet. But come January, UK shoppers will be able to grab Lindt’s brand new Classic Recipe Vegan Bars, which are made of an “oat drink” base. Coming in two varieties, Vegan Smooth and Vegan Hazelnut, the Swiss chocolatier blends oat milk with almond paste to achieve the creaminess milk chocolate lovers crave. In the meantime, certain markets in Europe sell Lindt’s Hello Chocolate Bars, which was the brand’s first foray into oat milk chocolate.

Lead image courtesy of HiP.