‘Man in love’ movie review: A problematic premise overshadows a beautiful love story- The New Indian Express

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Directed by Yin Chen-hao, Man in Love is a Taiwanese remake of the 2014 South Korean film bearing the same title. Both full-length features are based on a highly problematic premise, and if it weren’t for that said premise, the film would certainly have enough going for it to be called engaging, if not good. Man in Love’s aforementioned foundation rankles long after it is played out, so much so that even the most moving, lovable and endearing parts of the ill-fated romance between the leads is tarnished because of the poor taste of their story’s beginning.

The film bases its initial storyline on the oldest of patriarchal clichés. A man fancies a woman who doesn’t reciprocate his advances. Owing to the circumstances, a clear power differential is at play. Though she is spirited and firm, rebuffing his consistent attempts at engagement, he doesn’t know when to call it quits. And the more she pushes back, the more his interest grows. In short, the film basically tells the viewer that wearing down her reserves long enough will eventually result in her reciprocating your interest. Sound familiar? Umpteen projects, especially Indian ones, perpetuate this dangerous, sexist stereotype. Man in Love takes it one step further by romanticising this kind of behaviour. It moves on from that shaky ground to bigger and better things, but the sense of unease fails to leave you.

Ah Cheng (Roy Chiu) is presented as this large-hearted loan shark bent on doing good despite a dangerous reputation preceding him. He is boorish, loud, and violent, but if a shopkeeper’s kid is in hospital, the debt may be repaid later (Cheng does the man one better by providing cash for his son’s medicines). Hao Ting (Ann Hsu) is a no-nonsense bank teller caring for her comatose father. She comes to know of his bad debts one evening at the hospice when Cheng and his shady entourage come calling. They push her around, threatening her with more than an innuendo or two, but she remains defiant. She has no choice but to sign the debt note, though. With her father’s hospital bed in the balance and money short at hand, she is forced to take up Cheng’s offer – go on dates with him (to restaurants and on walks) a certain number of times until he feels the debt is paid off in full.

The thing about Man in Love is that it has the potential to be a deeply romantic film, and makes it there every now and then. Ann Hsu and Roy Chiu play the parts of Hao and Cheng so well. We root for them and empathise with their challenging life circumstances. Sacrifice and redemption are the two major themes of the second half. Cheng’s love for Hao (and her reciprocity) makes him re-evaluate his choices and attempt to be a better person; his self-destructive tendencies prevent him from changing for himself, so he does it for her. Cheng is inspired to be his best self when he’s with Hao.

Even the guilt he experiences from his family (his father, especially) for being a perpetual no-gooder, is handled rather deftly too. The key is that he keeps on trying to improve with each passing frame. Several extended and intense scenes of this half of the narrative can almost be termed beautiful, what with their evocative touch. The writing, while simplistic, does make you engage with their story. That basic premise on which the Cheng-Hao saga begins is the problem, sadly. Other parts of the film cannot be taken in isolation while reviewing the leads’ complicated romantic relationship. If there were, say, a different basis to it, who is to tell how impactful Man in Love could have gone on to be?

Director: Yin Chen-hao

Cast: Roy Chiu, Ann Hsu

Streaming on: Netflix

Police: Man faces manslaughter charge after love triangle results in fatal shooting

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MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – A Port Charlotte man is facing a manslaughter charge after fatally shooting the boyfriend of the woman he was sleeping with, authorities said.

The shooting occurred around 3:30 a.m. March 14 outside a home in the 18300 block of Southwest 264th St. in southwest Miami-Dade.

Joshua Adrian Hebert, 33, was taken into custody on Thursday and is being held at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center without bond.

According to his arrest warrant, the woman’s boyfriend, Evan Louis Vaughn, 35, called her and told her he was coming over. After arriving to her house, he asked whether anyone was inside.

Miami-Dade police said the woman, 28, admitted that Hebert was inside her bedroom sleeping, but claimed that she didn’t have sex with him.

Police said Vaughn entered the home and asked Hebert whether he had sex with his girlfriend and Hebert said, “Yes.”

Vaughn then ordered Hebert to collect his belongings and get out of the house, and Hebert complied, authorities said.


According to the warrant, Vaughn followed Hebert outside to make sure he left.

The girlfriend also followed the men outside, but after going back in her house to get her cellphone, she heard multiple gunshots, police said.

Authorities said the woman then exited the home to find her boyfriend lying on the ground, gasping for air and Hebert placing his gun, a .40-caliber Glock handgun, in the tailgate of his truck.

She never heard any arguing between the two men while they were outside, police said.

The woman then called 911.

According to the warrant, Vaughn was shot seven times – once in the left side of his face, four times in his back, once in his back shoulder and once in his right hand.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Hebert was transported to the Miami-Dade Police Department’s Homicide Bureau for questioning, but he invoked his right to remain silent until he consulted with an attorney.


The case was presented to the Miami-Dade County State Attorney’s Office and an arrest warrant was issued for Hebert for one count of manslaughter with a deadly weapon.

Man proudly reveals how he shows his love for ’everything St Helens’

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A man who “loves everything about St Helens” has decorated his arm with tattoos of legends from the area.

Graeme Bannister, who lives in Parr, declared his love to the borough and its people with artwork of iconic stars and landmarks from St Helens.

Graeme, now 44, visited Skin Kandi Tattoo Studio who depicted of a number of legends including Steve Prescott, Johnny Vegas and Johnny Welly.

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The dad-of-two previously told the ECHO how he also met Johnny Vegas after getting the comedians face permanently etched into his arm.

Graeme, who works for TFJones property services, told the ECHO : “It all started when Steve Prescott passed away. He did a lot for charity, I also do charity work and wanted to do something with Steve but never got the chance so decided to get a tattoo in tribute to him.

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“I was talking a lot to the tattoo artist Lee and he said why don’t I get a Saints legends sleeve. There was a bit of me thinking should I? But came to the conclusion that yeah I definitely I should.

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“Now it has gone straight from Steve Prescot to the local tramp Johnny Wellies.”

The dad-of-two also met Johnny Vegas after getting the comedians face permanently etched into his arm.

Graeme said: “Johnny saw my tattoo of him when he was shooting the Stillia music video - I have met him a few times before but when I showed him the tattoo he went; ‘oh my god - you know you’ve made it when you’re on someone’s arm’.”

At the time, Graeme said he was also planning to get a picture of Paul Wellens and his niece, Nicole Burrows, on the dedicated sleeve after she came through a tough battle with mental illness and now puts on music festivals across Merseyside and beyond.

He previously said: “Next I’m going to get St Helens landmarks on the sleeve like the Knowsley Road sign, Saints stadium and Dream statue.

“It is going to cost me a fortune and will be all over my body by the end of it.

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“I work with a lot of Scousers who don’t really understand and say I am mad - well I am really. I just love rugby and love St Helens.

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“My two kids also don’t really understand it yet because they are only young but they love Benidorm and they keep shouting at me - you’ve got Geoff on your arm!”