SRW Laboratories Announces Paula Bennett as Brand Ambassador

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SRW Laboratories Announces Paula Bennett as Brand Ambassador

Biotech Health Company SRW Laboratories Announces Paula Bennett as its Brand Ambassador

New Zealand biotechnology company SRW Laboratories has engaged former Deputy Prime Minister Paula Bennett as brand ambassador to promote the company’s leading-edge range of health supplements. Having the backing of a former deputy PM and TV show host, is an exciting development which the company believes will help them establish in both local and international markets.

Paula Bennett

SRW Laboratories has launched a range of supplements called Cel formulated to target cellular function and support healthy ageing.

Known for her wit, media savvy and stylish fashion sense, making New Zealand’s best dressed list in 2020, Paula Bennett is also known for overcoming significant health challenges. The combination of these factors makes her a perfect fit for SRW which aims to help people adopt a new approach to healthy ageing.

Following her own quest to be healthier and more energetic, Bennett identifies with the goal of SRW to lengthen healthspan – the number of years in a person’s life that they are in good health. An active family and professional life give her great reason to maintain health and energy levels.

“When I was in government, I didn’t sleep well enough, I didn’t eat well, I didn’t exercise and that really took a toll on me and my body. I knew I had to make some pretty big changes if I wanted to live the kind of healthy older lifestyle that I was looking forward to, says Bennett.

“I actually embrace ageing and want to be around for quite a few more decades yet, but I’m not an expert and I’m not a scientist, so like anyone else I started going to the experts and listening to them. And I think that’s what led me to SRW.”

Founder of SRW Laboratories, biotechnologist Greg Macpherson is excited about the relationship.

“We are thrilled to have Paula onboard. I greatly admire her personal and professional achievements and she ticks so many boxes for SRW.”

“We are a proud New Zealand business and looking internationally to important markets, in the US, and across Asia. We sought someone with international notability, style and intelligence that reflects the energy we want our customers to aspire to.”

Bennett’s international reputation is built on numerous international trade missions. She was a recipient of an Eisenhower Fellowship in the USA, awarded to outstanding women leaders globally.

Bennett expands on why SRW interested her, “I wanted a natural product. I love that it is backed by the scientists, I love that the experts have spent so long looking at it. I just have a huge amount of trust in Greg Macpherson, he’s given his whole lifetime to trying to help us all live longer in a healthy way.”

Bennett held 14 portfolios during her political career, rising to become Deputy Prime Minister. She has recently returned to public attention as host of the successful new TV show ‘Give Us a Clue’. Hosting alongside team captains, comedian and author Tom Sainsbury and renowned journalist and award-winning current affairs presenter Hilary Barry, the show has quickly become the most popular show in its primetime slot, attracting nearly 420,000 viewers.

The Cel range is now available at select pharmacies and online at

SRW Founder, Greg Macpherson started his career as the founder and director of Pharmacy Direct, the leading online pharmacy in NZ for nearly 25 years. He is also the former CEO of biotech success story MitoQ Ltd. A health and technology futurist, he advocates that with today’s scientific knowledge, living healthy and active beyond 100 is entirely achievable for most people.

Macpherson has ambitious plans for SRW to be part of the solution, changing the way we approach ageing and how we invest in our health as we age, as is happening in the US and Asia.

The Cellular System range by SRW

SRW Laboratories has launched with three core products, Cel1 Stability (RRP $179), Cel2 Nourishment (RRP $235), and Cel3 Renewal (RRP $185).

Cel1 Stability supports healthy DNA structure and function, including telomere health. It may be helpful to anyone experiencing environmental or lifestyle factors that increase cellular stress (e.g - insufficient sleep, stressful work environment, lack of exercise, exposure to pollution or UV) or other factors that can lead to DNA damage.

Cel2 Nourishment supports healthy energy levels and normal cellular repair processes. It may be helpful to anyone looking for sustained uplift in energy levels or athletes.

Cel3 Renewal supports the maintenance of normal protein structures, nutrient response and cellular housekeeping processes known as ‘autophagy’. Autophagy is the removal and recycling of expired cells and their components. Cel3 may be helpful to anyone to further support their healthy ageing journey.

“What we have developed is not a one size fits all solution,” says Macpherson. “Your cells need different levels of support as you age. Most young people won’t need support with autophagy for example, whereas the right time to support your DNA really depends on your lifestyle. There are tools we are developing to help people understand how old their cells are acting, and in turn decide how much support they can use.”

2-HOBA (HobamineTM) is isolated from Himalayan Tartary Buckwheat which is uniquely protective against damage associated with oxidative stress (too many free radicals) without interfering with healthy free radical levels. SRW Laboratories is the second company in the world to have access to this technologically advanced ingredient.

NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) has been studied as a potential neuroprotective and anti-aging agent. NAD, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is an important co-enzyme that fuels our mitochondria and our cellular repair and maintenance mechanisms. NAD levels decline in our cells as we age, so by restoring this vital co-enzyme via supplements like NMN. researchers have seen changes in our cells that are associated with levels of health seen in cells that are considerably younger.

Fisetin has been shown in clinical trials to clear out senescent “zombie” cells which build up as we age. As much as 50 percent of fat cells in obese older adults are senescent which is a major contributor to ill health. Older adults’ poor response to COVID-19 is thought to be due to a build-up of senescent immune cells leading to such serious outcomes when they are infected.

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Steve Hansen’s plan to break resistance for change in the northern hemisphere

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Getting northern hemisphere teams on board is key to the proposed new World 12s being a success, and Sir Steve Hansen knows it.

The former All Blacks coach, an ambassador for the 12-a-side competition, has long pushed for a global calendar, which has met staunch resistance from unions in the north.

“We’ve been banging on about it for a long time down here, and we’ve just got to get the Six Nations to come with us, and the clubs up there to come with us. If we can do that, I can’t see it [World 12s] not being a success,” he said.

World 12s is being touted as the rugby equivalent of the IPL, and is set to launch with a men’s tournament in England next year, followed by the inaugural women’s tournament in 2023.


  • England rugby powerhouse questions World 12s logistics and appeal

  • Steve Hansen shoots down suggestion World 12s could hurt New Zealand Rugby

  • Why Steve Hansen believes World 12s will be irresistible

  • Steve Tew and Steve Hansen in World 12s rugby evolution

Long frustrated by a lack of unity across the globe, Hansen hopes the lucrative competition will be the catalyst for a global calendar, stressing the annual three-week competition is not a rebel competition, and must slot into a window which will allow the best players in the world to feature.

“I know they’ve put down a tournament to be played August-September, but it might turn out that’s not the right time to play it,” Hansen said.

“Immediately, if you’re from the southern hemisphere, you think that could affect the Rugby Championship and, obviously, we don’t want to do that, because you’re not going to get the All Blacks, or South Africa and Australia, and you don’t want to be in conflict, you want to work together.”

Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images Former All Blacks coach Steve Hansen, left, and former New Zealand Rugby boss Steve Tew are both involved in World 12s, Hansen as an ambassador, and Tew as a non-executive director.

World 12s is targetting 192 players for eight franchises. They will play an abbreviated format (30-minutes) of the game in teams consisting of six forwards and six backs, with new rules aimed at improving problem areas such as the breakdown and scrum.

It has a goal of generating around $500 million over its first five years, handsomely rewarding all those involved.

It’s predominantly that money which Hansen believes will make the best players in the world come running, essentially forcing the game’s administrators to stand up and make changes.

New Zealand Rugby plans to work alongside World Rugby in the coming days to get to grips with the proposal, but has made it clear any competition which impacts domestic rugby or player well-being won’t be supported.

SUPPLIED Sam Whitelock has welcomed baby girl Penelope into the world, now hopes to join the All Blacks for the Rugby Championship finale.

As for the northern unions, “They don’t like change, that’s for sure,” Hansen said.

“One of the reasons they don’t like change is if they think it’s going to benefit the southern hemisphere they won’t do it, that’s the cold hard facts of the matter, and they’ve been like that for a long time.

“There is a lot of positives to be had if we can just sit around the table and get it sorted.”

Among questions raised since the unearthing of the World 12s proposal this week, is how on earth it will fit into an already flooded calendar without compromising player welfare?

Anthony Au-Yeung/Getty Images All Black Richie Mo’unga would attract plenty of interest in any World 12s player auction.

Hansen, who in 2018 said he’d like players to have 16 weeks off at the end of each year, mentioned player well-being multiple times when discussing the new competition, and highlighted the fact players would be restricted to 60 minutes across the three weekends.

”That will filter down, guarantee it. If you could say to a Super player ‘you’re only going to play 60 minutes for the next three weeks’, you’re prolonging people’s careers.”

Youngsters to be given incredible opportunity to ‘Sign for the Dons’

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As part of the FREE AberDNA Junior Membership for Under 12s, young Dons fans will be given a truly memorable experience as they are invited to Pittodrie to officially ‘sign their contract’ and be unveiled as AFC’s latest signing.

AberDNA Junior Members will be able to book a slot for this exciting new experience from 12noon tomorrow, Friday 10th September.

We are committed to introducing exciting new initiatives to recapture the imagination within the community and that’s why we’ve set the ambitious target of reaching 15,000 season tickets in the next four seasons!

‘Sign for the Dons’ Days

AberDNA Junior members will be given unbelievable behind-the-scenes access as they are given a tour around the famous Pittodrie Stadium.

Members will get the opportunity to emulate their heroes by officially ‘signing their contract’ and walking out at Pittodrie.

The first opportunities to ‘Sign for the Dons’ will be Friday 24th September and Saturday 25th September during the local Aberdeen holiday and the Club will seek to add further dates in the very near future!

Members will be able to book their slot from 12pm on Friday 10th September. Please note that the event must be booked through the account of the AberDNA Junior Member. Each member must bring 1 parent or guardian with them on the tour.

BOOK YOUR SPACE | From 12pm on Friday 10th September

Should you have any issues in booking your space, or have any further queries, please contact the ticket office on 01224 63 1903 or

However, U12s can sign up as an AberDNA Junior member now and receive details of all future opportunities to ‘Sign for the Dons’!

How to sign up to AberDNA Junior

You can register your Dons daft youngster for FREE:


Please note that there may be a delay of up to 24 hours before the access to benefits, including the 2 FREE tickets & access to ‘Sign for the Dons’ Experiences will be added to their account. If you require immediate access, please contact the ticket office on 01224 63 1903 or and they will arrange for you.

Fan Engagement

Dons’ player, and AberDNA Junior Ambassador, Dean Campbell knows exactly what it feels like to sign for your boyhood team.

“As a Dons supporter I’ve been fortunate to make my dream come true by playing for the team I grew up watching. I know what it feels like to sign your first contract, to pull on the Dons shirt and play at Pittodrie for the first time so I’ve no doubt our young AberDNA Junior members will be thrilled with the Club’s ‘Sign for the Dons’ event.

“Having missed out on so much football action in the last year it will be great to finally welcome them to Pittodrie and make them really feel part of the AFC family.”

AFC commercial director, Rob Wicks, believes this U12 membership is nurturing the fans of the future. “Fan engagement is critical and in order to foster the fans of the future, win back a lost generation of fans, and improve the relationship with existing supporters, we must reward them through pioneering initiatives, a better matchday experience and ultimately a renewed sense of passion, belief and pride in our Club. AberDNA Junior is a big part of achieving this.”

“Our aim to be at the heart of our community, with a growing fan base, begins with our young people. Every Dons supporter remembers their first match and we want to give every child in the region the opportunity to have this experience and to be able to access top‐flight football.

Single Sign On

The ‘Sign for the Dons’ Experience needs to be booked through the account of the AberDNA Junior Member attending.

Simplify the way that you interact with the Club online.

The Dons Account is a single online account which can be used to access the Club’s sites including our primary website ( and ticketing. We will also be adding retail and RedTV to this in the coming months.

Only one account with one password is now required ensuring a more consistent experience when making purchases online and reducing the chances of forgetting passwords or usernames. Fans also now have greater control over how they hear from us through the preference centre.

For more information on single sign-on, click here.